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Meet The Creatures
of Rendlewood...

In the forests of Rendlewood, live wee creatures that live in harmony with the land and it's inhabitants. They are Seers, Seekers and Keepers observing their surroundings, constantly watching, seeing all that happens near and far. The knowledge they gain is collected for the Keepers where together with the Seekers, the power of 3 aims to unite all, for we are one. 

A photo of all the creatures of Rendlewood together

The Durdlings

They are good natured little souls who are very mischeivous, always playing pranks on us humans instead of doing their jobas Seekers of the Forest, so they are constantly hiding and very

hard to spot with their leaf like ears.


The Groundling Eeps

Groundlings come in many forms as the Seers of the Rendlewood Forest. They are the watchers in the woods, that little something you thought you saw out of the corner of your eye, constantly keeping vigil while we sleep. They see all and know even more and the only sound you may ever hear from them is a quiet little “eep eep”


The Iferfall are the Keepers of the ancient knowledge of the Forest ways.

 They have spent a millennia of sunsets guarding the secrets gathered by the Seekers and Seers.

Now, in what they have deemed our time of need, they have stepped forward from the shadows to teach us in the ways of the old...

the language of the trees, the seeds and the creatures within the woods  with a reminder that


The Dryndell Clan

They possess the unique ability to perceive hidden meanings and eternal truths with their spiritual vision. By truly seeing the forest, following the roots, and becoming one with the earth, they gain their sight and interpret what is needed.  They foresee the future by understanding the past and present, comprehending deeply what others cannot and have messages for humanity...WE ARE ONE

The Treeples

LITTLE TREE FOLK WITH BIG HEARTS BEATING AS ONE. It is said that all trees are connected and communicate to each other through their roots. They are very soulful beings with deeply rooted 
feelings of love and loss. We know this to be true as we have found with these happy lil fellas 
that came to us as wee seedlings and now are ready to be apart of your family tree!

Once they become rooted in your heart, they will whisper their name to only you!

The Mush Mee Men

First discovered in the Niagara Gorge, these fellas are hard to spot live in large Clans among the stumps, logs and rocky outcrops. They are “cultivators of moss” and patrol at night ensuring every patch is well groomed, has plenty of moisture and is “suitably springy”!

Having one in your home brings bounty and blessings.

These are just a few of the many creatures of Rendlewood!

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