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 A peek into the studio
at Rendlewood

In our rapidly advancing technological world, there's an increasing need for things that ground us, balance us, and offer an escape. Enter T.G. Durdle, an artist, creator, and storyteller who embraces the elemental forces that shape our world and ignite our creative spirit.

Self-taught and deeply connected to the wilderness, T.G. Durdle finds her greatest joy among towering trees and ancient rocks. She feels most at home in nature, which calls to her soul. She absorbs the whispers of the forest, channeling its energy and wisdom.  

Artist T G Durdle working in her studio

Artist T G Durdle 

Her creations, infused with the essence of the natural world, reflect not only her artistic prowess but also her deep reverence for the earth. From delicate sketches to intricate sculptures, each piece tells a story of the gentle hidden creatures that inhabit the mystical Forest of Rendlewood carrying with them a poignant message for humanity.

In T G Durdle's world, art and nature intertwine seamlessly, weaving a tapestry of wonder and inspiration for all who encounter her work. Through her unique vision and boundless creativity, she invites us to....

reconnect with the magic of the natural world and embrace the wisdom it has to offer....for we are ONE

My Studio Pal, Sir Podderick James

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